My name is Richard Lawley. I'm a competition shooter that shoots IDPA and USPSA matches in the Central Valley of California. I started reloading my own ammo in 2013 and always felt the need to be able to see the powder in the case before I seated a bullet on it. The Powder Mirror was developed to solve this problem.

The Original Powder Mirror works best with pistol ammo. Some of the taller thinner cases are difficult to see into.

* Everybody expects there to be an asterisk after the 100% Guarantee so I added one just so you could find the joy in reading the fine print. In all honesty, there is no exception. It is truly a 100% Guarantee. If you don't like it, want it, use it or for some strange reason just plain hate it, let me know and I will make it right for you.

All our mirrors are hand made. If you need a specific design change made, chances are we can do it. All the mirrors are 100% acrylic. No sharp edges to get cut on. All our mirrors are backed with a 100% guarantee*. If you ever have a problem with one, just contact us and we'll replace it for free.

100% Guarantee for life*

The Original Powder Mirror is a tool that will help you with a visual inspection of your powder drop in each of your cases. If you've ever had a squib, you'll appreciate this added level of security. Take some time to look around. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

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